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In RAMS, our Luminous Team commits to bring solution (light) to advance all our customers thru People Technology with the key principles of making people Engage, Collaborate and Improve in their day-to-day business process through technology.


  1. Project Management

  2. Problem Management

  • Issue management services; reporting, prioritization, analysis and modification analysis.

  • Compliance to Standards and Methodology

  • Documentation

  • Onsite/Off Site Support

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Complete transition of activities and processes upon expiry of contract

  • Support and maintenance for people technologies that covers all integration points from other third parties which includes error fixing and patches of the software with related materials, procedural questions, recovery and backup information and general consultation where any specific application applies

  • Monthly review session to update, achievement, issues and provide recommendations. The updates and recommendations should include new patches/upgrades available.

  • 24 hours Web Based Ticketing Tracking System

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